A few of my indispensable fiction writing sites


For today’s rolling blog tour, we are sharing our favourite sites for writers.

The internet offers thousands of excellent writer resources. Here are several sites I find particularly helpful:

Fiction Writing Plot Development Story Boards –  story board template and worksheets.

Role playing game (RPG) development sites can be useful for speculative fiction writers. An example from my bookmarks: Tropes #5 Gothic Horror and Steampunk – tropes are recurring motifs, devices or images which define a genre. Also, check out TV Tropes.

Online Graphical Dictionary – visually maps out word associations. Useful in a myriad of ways.

Online Etymology Dictionary –  essential for writing historical fiction, even twisted, alternate history.

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips and Grammar Divas

Draft Your Platform Action Plan: 5 Worksheets From Jane Friedman’s informative and practical blog:

And finally, drum roll…

My favourite site for fiction writers is Savvy Authors.  I began taking Savvy workshops a year ago. I highly recommend trying one of Savvy’s workshops. My learning curve is now a nice slope instead of a sheer climb.


I am interested in visiting your favourite writing sites and reading your opinions of the ones I have listed. Please comment below and then take a moment to visit the other writers on this tour to learn about their recommended sites.

Nancy Lauzon

Ryder Islington




  1. Great blog, KT

    I’ll have to check them out, especially the ones on Grammar. The learning never ends!


  2. All great writing sites, KT. I took a look a each one. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Most of these on your list are ones I’ve never visited. I’ll have to give them a shot.

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