Setting Goals for 2017 and Beyond

The Insecure Writer's Support GroupOver the last couple of days, I’ve devoted some time to sketching out 2017 writing goals and roughing in a plan to achieve them.  (I’m enrolled in a seven day Plot Your Success in 2017 workshop at Savvy Authors.)

Earlier today, out of curiosity, I clicked on a Facebook newsfeed link. Maybe there was a little procrastination involved (must work on that in 2017).  Instead of simply reading the post and turning my attention back to revising my short story, I clicked on another link to the intriguingly named Insecure Writer’s Support Group.

At this point I will pause to mention Goal Number Seven on my scrawled list:

* Post regularly to my blog – I’ve been terrible about it.

I’d already written out an action plan for items one through four:

* Finish and pursue traditional publication of one scifi/horror novella.

* Finish and pursue traditional publication of one of my novels-in-progress.

* Achieve sufficient pro-market sales (I have one!) to qualify for active membership in both HWA (Horror Writers Association) and SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association)

* Write and pursue publication of at least two non-fiction articles related to my writing research and activities.

Goal Number Seven didn’t have an action plan, but the Insecure Writer’s Support Group presented me with a ready made one. I added this blog to the participation list and therefore made the commitment to write a post at least once a month.

Next on my to-do list: Adding longer term goals (2 and 5 years) to my list and a developing a plan to achieve all of them.

See you in January, if not sooner.









  1. You’ve set some ambitious goals! Good for you. You’ll enjoy the IWSG. A friend of mine (Joylene) is involved, but the closest I get to participating is reading their posts.

    I’m not big on making NY’s resolutions or setting goals because I know how it’s always been in the past, so it feels like I’m setting myself up for defeat. I’ve been known to have ‘intentions’ instead — they work better for me, even if it just seems like a matter of semantics. :)

    • This year I am going to try breaking the goals down into small, achievable steps and then blocking out time for them each week.

      One of the instructors of the Savvy Class offers worksheets on her blog –

      Best wishes for fulfilling your ‘intentions’, Carol. :-)

  2. I can relate to the whole procrastination through clicking on links on the internet thing :-) Welcome to the IWSG – it’s such a great group of supportive people who’ve really encouraged me with my writing.

    • Thanks for the welcome and dropping by, Ellen.

      Technology distraction is something I have to really work at overcoming. Time just disappears!

  3. That’s a great idea to commit through that group to write at least one post a month. Good luck with your goals. I’m enjoying the workshop also, great ideas and suggestions.

    • I need accountability! Fortunately, my writing circle provides me with some.

      The workshop is helping me feel a little less overwhelmed by my goals…a state that sometimes results in me doing nothing. Now I need to figure out which planner system works for me.

  4. This is great! And do any of us NOT procrastinate? I tell myself procrastination is “fear,” but it doesn’t help. I just keep hanging out on Facebook and looking up random things on the internet!

    • Sometimes I try to convince myself it’s ‘research’ but usually that’s not even remotely true.

      I plan to schedule internet time in and use a loud timer to let me know when my time is up. (That sounds rather ominous!)

  5. Welcome to the IWSG! It’s definitely a great opportunity to get to know other writers and there’s a wonderful sense of community. You sound like you’ve got plenty of irons in the fire as regards writing and publishing – here’s hoping for a productive 2017 and beyond!

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