Northern Lights Gothic

In Canada, we are never far from the wilderness that surrounds and shapes us. From the windswept crags of eastern shorelines, through the stark, glacier wrought landscape of northern Ontario, to the moss covered ravines of the west coast rainforest. These are the settings that inspire KT’s writing.

KT Wagner


 The land, history, and culture of Canada feed my writing. Thus, I describe my fiction writing as Northern Lights Gothic. Gothic is a challenging genre to define. I believe it’s because Gothic is a cumulative feeling, an atmosphere, evoked within a range of stories. Like a fragrance, exposure elicits instant identification where an accurate secondhand description is elusive. Horror, romance, setting as character, symbolism, allegory–again, the atmosphere–often in combination with supernatural elements, the occult, death, insanity, mystery, and fanaticism; some or all may be found in Gothic works. There are recurring themes, such as societal decay and isolation of the individual. The nature of humanity and how it is reflected or oppressed by man-made structures: science, technology, ideological and political beliefs, social norms, and expectations. Welcome and thank you for stopping by.