A setting I love to write (my characters may not agree)

Paths intrigue me. Who, or what, made them and why? In particular, paths in forest settings hide as much as they reveal. What destinations await the courageous traveler? What dangers lurk along the way?

A mysterious setting reflects the emotion and heart of a Gothic story. Little is revealed when wandering down a forested path. Trees loom. Rocks and stumps hover grotesquely at the edges of our vision. We startle and stare, but all appears normal. The serenity and vastness of nature, both soothes and pricks.

Forest paths are never straight. They meander and tease. Time flows and ebbs, like a tide. Then, suddenly, tendrils of sunlight sink and fade.

Dark paths shift the writer’s mind to horror.

Oh, pity the poor character caught on a forest path as the sun goes down.

UBC Forest TrailThanks to my friend and fellow writer, Annette Fulford, for permission to use her photo.  Visit Annette’s blog Maple Ridge Cenotaph to read about her work researching the individual histories of local fallen soldiers.

What is your favourite setting to read? Write?  I look forward to reading your comments.


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  1. I truly enjoyed your post today. Very poetic, KT.

  2. As writers we so often have to torment our characters, like placing them in an antagonistic setting. Great post! As a child I got lost in the woods, and it was terrifying.

    • The forest is cool, green and inviting during the day – such a contrast to the night. There are so many possibilities to write!

  3. How poetic! I enjoyed reading this post and it made me think about the wonder, allure, and danger in forests. Well done! Maggie

  4. Love that photo… reminds me a bit of the trail to San Josef Bay on northern Vancouver Island, or the one climbing Toll Hill on Haida Gwaii.

    I wrote about my own forest trail last week, http://wp.me/phaYw-1d2 but when it comes to favourite settings, that would have to be by the ocean. There are endless opportunities for mystery (or probably any other genre, too) along a shoreline or out on the waves.

  5. Lovely post. Come to think of it, I write a lot about caves….

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