For today’s rolling blog tour, we are sharing our favourite sites for writers.

The internet offers thousands of excellent writer resources. Here are several sites I find particularly helpful:

Fiction Writing Plot Development Story Boards –  story board template and worksheets.

Role playing game (RPG) development sites can be useful for speculative fiction writers. An example from my bookmarks: Tropes #5 Gothic Horror and Steampunk – tropes are recurring motifs, devices or images which define a genre. Also, check out TV Tropes.

Online Graphical Dictionary – visually maps out word associations. Useful in a myriad of ways.

Online Etymology Dictionary –  essential for writing historical fiction, even twisted, alternate history.

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips and Grammar Divas

Draft Your Platform Action Plan: 5 Worksheets From Jane Friedman’s informative and practical blog:

And finally, drum roll…

My favourite site for fiction writers is Savvy Authors.  I began taking Savvy workshops a year ago. I highly recommend trying one of Savvy’s workshops. My learning curve is now a nice slope instead of a sheer climb.


I am interested in visiting your favourite writing sites and reading your opinions of the ones I have listed. Please comment below and then take a moment to visit the other writers on this tour to learn about their recommended sites.

Nancy Lauzon

Ryder Islington