Last night, I taught a persuasive writing workshop for Golden Ears Writers, as part of their Lobby Night series at The ACT.

Thanks to everyone who came out. As promised, here is the reference list.



The Trivium: The Liberal Arts of Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric Sister Miriam Joseph, Paul Dry Books (in particular, the chapter on fallacies)

Story Engineering: Mastering the Six Core Competencies of Successful Writing by Larry Brooks

The Breakout Novelist By Donald Maass

The Elements of Style (Illustrated) by Strunk, White and Kalman

The Canadian Press Stylebook: A guide for writing and editing



Savvy Authors Workshops

Larry Brooks website

On-line graphical dictionary

RWA Chapter Listings (check individual chapter websites for on-line workshop listings)



Guidelines for creating plain language materials

The Persuasive Narrator by Roy Peter Clark, May 23rd, 2006

The Line between Fact and Fiction